You Two Are Adorable

Oh my, there they are again.

Her, with hair like the night sky shining in the light, and eyes that gleam like the azure sky at twilight. A dark and sparkling beauty that is difficult to take your eyes off of, though under normal circumstances, she does everything in her power to stay out of sight.

She always wished she looked like that.

Then there was him, with his hair like snow, soft and enticing, scrawling across the beautiful silver plane of his skin. His eyes are striking against their natural darkened backdrop, glimmering like the golden sun; a veritable siren’s stare that beckons any who gaze upon their smolder.

She felt her cheeks grow warm as she stared at him. Her mouth felt thick as longing stirred within. He is undoubtedly one of the most handsome men she’s ever seen, dark elf or no. Her breath quickened despite herself.

Eyes of gold and blue locked onto each other from across the room as they all but raced towards one another.

She was convinced they actually would be running if the crowded space allowed. But, alas, the busy central office was all but overrun by agents darting this way and that, navigating their way around others who hunkered over a large, U-shaped table pouring over tomes, schematics, and goodness knows what else.

A typical day at HQ.

But not for these two. Today was anything but typical for them.

Her breath hitched as she caught the longing in their stares. The intensity spoke volumes, "I've missed you," "I need you," "I love you."

She’d bore witness to their reunions before, as have most of the agents around headquarters. These two are ever the topic of conversation, whether they realize it or not. It feels rude to stare, but they’re remarkable to watch. These moments always feel so raw. So tender, passionate, and real; as though this were the first time they’d ever been apart from one another even though that was far from the case.

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder, as they say." It was something her mother told her as a child. She thought she understood it, but, looking at these two- the desperate way the snowy-haired male cradled his raven-haired love in his arms, and the way she buried her face into his chest- she realizes now that she never truly did.

She respectfully turned away as their embrace turned into a passionate kiss. True, they chose to have this spectacle of a reunion here in the busiest room at HQ, but they’d quickly become the heart of the room.

Heartbeats later, the sound of shuffled footfalls made their way toward her. She stepped aside, looking up to apologize for being in the way, and wouldn’t you know.

It’s them!

She blushed. She’d been so enthralled by their affections that she hadn’t realized she was blocking the exit.

He walked with his arm around her waist, holding her close; protectively. The raven-haired beauty leaned against him in return, looking happier than she’s ever seen her. Both were utterly content and all smiles as they made their ways towards their private business.

She, however, was mortified as words tumbled from her mouth of their own accord, “You two are adorable!”

The girl blushed.

The boy winked.

And she was almost certain she was going to pass out.

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